What’s New in SharePoint 2016

What’s New in SharePoint 2016

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based document management and sharing platform. According to Microsoft, over three quarters of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint in some capacity, and small businesses also benefit from this hybrid desktop/mobile collaboration platform. The 2016 edition looks like it is going to be a major overhaul from the previous version, and people are getting really excited about all of the potential that it has to offer for businesses in Ottawa. The first public beta went live in August 2015, but we’ve had some time to play around with SharePoint 2016 we want to share with you some of the most exciting features that it brings to the table.

SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 now dovetail nicely with one another

Most people were pretty surprised to learn that the older versions of SharePoint and Office didn’t really play as nicely with one another as they probably could have or as they probably should have.

This required jerryrigged platforms to be established to help businesses take advantage of everything that these business focused tools have to offer, and that almost always invited a lot of headache and hassle into organizations that were already dealing with more than enough pressure. Better synchronization between SharePoint and Office 365 is a win-win for Ottawa businesses.

A hybrid cloud search solution is now available

One of the coolest new features introduced in SharePoint 2016 is a feature that people have been requesting for quite some time – the ability to take advantage of “universal search,” a search tool that allows SharePoint and Office users to search for everything and anything they need with just a single tool.

No longer are you going to have to full around with different tools, different resources, or different system components to search for the things you are after. Instead, you’ll be able to use the integrated Office 365 search available to really streamline the process and save quite a bit of time.

You’ll be able to launch SharePoint 2016 tools in Office 365 solutions (and vice versa)

People have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the specific tool or application that they are using today, but instead only want to get their hands on the results that they are after.

When you choose to use the new SharePoint 2016 tools (or the new Office 365 solutions), you’ll be able to use all of their combined tools thanks to the “linked app launcher” then these pieces of software now share.

This means you won’t have to open up different applications to gain access to the tools you’re looking for, but can instead use the application launcher built right into these software suites to make the most of these platforms without wasting any time.

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