Why We All Need a Good Support System

Why We All Need a Good Support System

No matter whether you dance, sing, work in an office, or man the cash register, we all work hard. Sometimes, that means we need support from not just loved ones and friends, but co-workers and even other services. There are many advantages to having help when you need it – the way we think about work, school, hobbies, and even relationships can benefit from it.


Everyone needs to feel good about themselves to perform at their peak, which is why having the support that motivates you to get back in the game and do your very best is so important. For example, a dancer facing a stressful contract that demands a lot from them may wonder if they can handle it. This is when having the support of a dancing coach, fitness trainer, and fellow dancers can inspire them to move forward and challenge themselves.

Self-confidence can make or break our drive to succeed, and we need to continue to find ways to feel good about ourselves. Whether from the cheers of family and friends on the sidelines or the praise of a manager on the store floor, the amount of support we receive makes all the difference.

Solving Problems

Nothing about life is perfect, but it’s more of an uphill battle to face issues that pop up if we don’t have support backing us up when we get stumped. If we can’t handle something on our own or are unsure how to move forward, having someone to turn to can help us make sense of what’s going on. Reaching your goal will seem more like a challenge and less like daydreaming if you have the guidance and input from someone else who cares about your well-being.

Handling Stress

There’s nothing worse than being alone and unsure of what to do when the going gets tough. In every job and career path, there are plenty of opportunities to become stressed out. Be sure to have someone you can talk to who is willing to listen and work with you towards a solution. Whether you discuss your situation with a dancing coach, teacher, co-worker, or your family, they can give you the motivation and encouraging words needed to succeed. Sometimes, they can connect you with an expert on the matter who can help you figure things out further.

You can never have too much support backing you up. Facing the world, making sense of it, and having faith in yourself can make all the difference in reaching your goals in life, and by not being alone, you’ll enjoy the journey even more.


Mykaila began dancing at the age of three and trained in all styles at the Linda Jamieson School of Dance in Ottawa, Canada. Upon graduating high school, she moved to New York City to attend the prestigious Ailey School to further her dance training. Immediately after finishing her 3-year program, Mykaila starred in The Musical CATS as Victoria on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.

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