Money Does Not Grow on Trees, No Matter How Green They Get:

Money Does Not Grow on Trees, No Matter How Green They Get:

Update 30th April, 2016

The People asked the government for this 2016 budget and that’s a promise kept: House of Commons

Photo taken from CBC Feed on the Prime Minister’s $50 million “innovation” allocation to the Perimeter Institute for theoretical Physics (Research) in Waterloo Ontario-alongside the Minister of Small Business and Tourism.

Quantum LEAPS in Deficits, Evidence-Based Science, and Propaganda are all part of the budget rollout and the DAVOS agenda – the fourth industrial revolution.

The visit to the Waterloo INNOVATION CENTRE of research, educational OUTREACH and training, as the THEORY of BIG BANG FOR THE BUCKS goes, $50 million over five years was allocated to a THEORETICAL PHYSICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

The “evidence-based” allocation and intended use is to contribute in tangible ways to our understanding of the universe, according to the Prime Minister.

All the while the Universe will unfold as it should, black holes and sucking sounds of carbon taxes and international symposiums abound on the subject. Upfront Article: DAVOS-DIVERSITY AND RESOURCEFULNESS rebrands CANADA for the onslaught on THE NEW KNOWLEDGE AND SHARING ECONOMY- – dated January 22nd 2016, refers.

Now, the backdrop for the Waterloo event was a grand show either staged by the giver or receiver of $50 million bucks, even a gesture of mutual admiration perhaps. Others might argue it was a show of trite, crass, brazen and diversionary politics or matters of “picking winners and losers,” patronage aside.

It was in fact an opportunity to beef up the Prime Minister’s educational background of engineering studies and to recognize his start on a master’s degree in environmental geography, the latter educational status having been reported.

The recipient organization, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, trains the next generation of physicists through innovative programs, and shares the excitement and wonder of science with students, teachers, and the general public, according to its website.

The Institute is supported through an “innovative public-private partnership” – which unites government, individuals, corporations, and foundations in a shared venture to enable scientific breakthroughs, nurture scientific talent, and share scientific discovery with the broader public. It issues awards, encouragements and other forms of “recognition.”

The Founder and Board Chair is Mike Lazaridis who was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, (FRS) United Kingdom. He is the Founder of Blackberry, which created the handheld device of that name. He is a businessman and an INVESTOR IN QUANTUM COMPUTING TECHNOLOGIES.

The Prime Minister grabbed worldwide headlines during his visit and upstaged even President Obama’s own science fair for young kids held at the White House. Those kids seemed to be doing very practical, engineering, mechanical, and constructive things, according to the video feeds.

As it happened, wittingly or unwittingly, the Quantum Revelation put CANADA or the Prime Minister’s name in the game of world market promotion access and awareness. It enabled theatre and the opportunity to showcase Canada’s innovation interests and investment attractiveness.

The Prime Minister “surprised” everyone by his “depth of knowledge” in QUANTUM PHYSICS, and his explanation that Quantum Computing is; “More Information in a single bit is exciting,” “That’s what’s exciting about Quantum Computing!”

Afterwards, in a crowd-sourcing or analytic bits and bytes sense, Quantum Leaps of Faith in our Prime Minister abounded from one end of the earth to another.  It brought to mind Einstein’s comment: “if you want to get educated- forget everything you were taught.”

For those familiar with the 1970-80 period and its Silicon Valley North innovations and ventures, may well recall the $50 million capital loss of Microsystems International and the developments that followed in the field of information management and communications. This was an era of serial start-ups, incubations, IPOs,  and technical – or quantum conversions if you wish.

In short, apart from 18 idle government computers where the work was contracted out and allegations of patronage in the Government’s policy to spread contracts around based on “SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS,” the Government fell eventually and had, according to the Lambert Commission, lost control of the country’s finances.

(Ottawa Citizen: May 18th 1978 and May 19th Final Editions Numbers 270 and 270 refer)

Perhaps even the oil crisis could be added and the eventual disposition, acquisitions, or losses of anchor companies such as Nortel Networks subsequently, under the mantra of “Make the Internet what you want it to be”. But fear not.

All this to say, according to Leaders of the time from Harvard and MIT, most managers do not have greater or more information needs, but rather needs to understand and process information already available to them. No matter, the Perimeter Institute is a research facility, now $10 million a year better off.

The real question is whether it is the technology or the user that has been the driving force and to what extent industry carries the business risks’ financial load on the taxpayers, the users they serve.

Perhaps it could be added more openness and transparency of government on government “contributions” is needed, a veiled promise from the last election. That would be helpful concerning source funding and the benefits of state paternalistic support involving draw down on “INNOVATION,” the return on investment expected considering the matter of deficits embedded in Budget 2016.

In other words, get out of industry’s way, recluse rather than effuse on “allocations and contributions,” Ontario Government”, contributions aside. The article in the Ottawa Sun on April 18th by Anthony Furey: Ontario needs a Corporate Grants Sunshine List sheds a great deal of light on the lack of transparency in “innovative public-private partnerships”

In that context, a reporter had prefaced his question linking the matter of ISIL to somehow leave a “scientific” opening for the Prime Minister. The reporter earned for himself a characterization by some journalists that the particular question was “sarcastic.”

Briefing notes aside, business cases, and justification material for $50 million bucks and matters of openness and transparency were all also nicely sidestepped with the Quantum Physics Side Show.

There was no escaping the subliminal stage management. Mandatory minimum sentencing, as displayed in video feeds, alongside the presence of the Minister of Small Business and Tourism. Minimum tax relief through the innovations agenda for the engine of industry and the creators of jobs – somehow now been defined as “the recipients of middle-class tax relief,” were not even on the radar.

The curious thing was that if the mass of equations or hieroglyphics in the backdrop really meant anything they certainly would not have been displayed so openly by the CBC or the “incubation” institute itself for that matter. It was merely a distraction or blow for show.

Given the Native Indian Crisis, the Introduction of Bill C14 – the Medical Assisted, End of LIFE bill, reflections on the Supreme Court Mandatory Minimum position where clearly dioramic elephants in the room of scientific excellence, juxtaposing Charter Rights into a quantum equation of REAL CHANGE, EXCHANGE, and SHORT CHANGE for our families, small businesses, and our military.

Enough said, we are very fortunate to have reporters and erudite economists who independently delve into pressing issues such as those concerning the efficacy of the 2016 Budget Rational.

Not least of those efforts is the “debunking” by the parliamentary budget officer of foundational premises, estimates of job creation and claimed economic growth purported to be attributable to “INVESTMENTS” based in deficits.

For the large percentage of Canadians wanting to know where the $50 million came from, inferencing the matter of the ISIL, bombing withdrawal, the cancellation of the F35 and an F18 procurement, they may as well take shelter in the Trojan Horse.

Congratulations to the Minister of Foreign Affairs who signed off on the Saudi light armored vehicle, April 8th, fine pointing the export permit thwarting McGill charges and allegations that the contract was aiding and abetting human rights abuse. Upfront Article: A comment on Canada and the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty-Dated February 2nd 2016

On the F35, it is a matter of record from the Liberal general election race in 2011, the contender after much ado and HOOHAH about Parliamentary Budget life cycle estimates for the aircraft, the matter was a non-issue or a red-herring (Trojan Horse) and still is. UpFront Article: Don’t Forget Canada’s Trojan Horse – dated February 9th 2016

The Liberals stated there was no penalty for canceling the current F-35 arrangement and holding an open competition. A Liberal government would remain committed to the 2006 Memorandum of Understanding that gives Canadian industry access to F-35 contracts, described as development and industrial benefits, without any obligation to purchase the planes.

The agreement under the previous government has secured millions of dollars in contracts for Canada’s AEROSPACE INDUSTRY, Bombardier’s current considerations aside. There was never an F-35 purchase “smoke and mirrors” contract to cancel.

A former Prime Minister, four times removed, who actually cancelled “Cadillac” Helicopters-EH101, assured reporters in the foyer of the Houses of Parliament last week that sometimes budget deficits are necessary, but they can be balanced.

It is fair to say that Budget 2016 is not trustworthy and lacks openness and transparency on its INNOVATION AGENDA.

The current Prime Minister claims his first budget is what “the people” asked for and is an election promise kept.  We respectfully disagree! We expected REAL CHANGE in transparency and accountability as promised. This is a matter of TRUST, PERSONAL TRUSTS and a COVENANT with the PEOPLE.

Kevin Murray is a former member of the Defence Industry Productivity Program Committee, co- Chairman of the Space Industry Committee and Member of the Aerospace Industries Marketing Committee. He was responsible for international marketing and development of research development and production agreements for Canada.

Ottawa Citizen: April 20th, 2016- Madeleine Ashby Writes:  Trudeau spins around the real stories– Response on QUANTUM COMPUTING Charming, but obscures larger issue. Here’s a rule for life as well as press conferences-don’t take the bait […..] in many ways this was the perfect social media story […..] the story got us coming and going […..] the story obscured a much larger one [….] QUANTUM VALLEY and “the tech corridor” developing between Toronto and Waterloo.

Ottawa Citizen-National Post Insert NP4, April 20th 2016- Politics, Grits Inflating Deficit Size by Billions: The Trudeau Government inherited a surplus before plunging the Federal balance book deep into red ink, says a new report from the Parliamentary Budget Watchdog that also concludes the LIBERALS are inflating the projected size of their deficits in coming years by BILLIONS of Dollars.

Ottawa Sun: April 20th, 2016, David Akin-“Left with Deficit” BUT budget watchdog says LIBERALS inherited a small surplus-[…..] which means, in the PBO’s view the RED INK being spilled in Ottawa is now 100% the responsibility of the current LIBERAL government.

Ottawa Citizen: April 20th, 2016 -Front Page- LIBERALS inflated deficit figures. The Liberal government inherited a surplus, plunging FEDERAL FINANCES deep into the red.-On the Good News Side, the PBO anticipates the billions of dollars in “NEW SPENDING,” promised in the LIBERAL Budget 2016, will bolster the Canadian economy.

National Post: 20th April 2016: Mulroney urges Trudeau to SPEARHEAD PIPELINE EFFORT, John Ivison.  Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says the regulatory process governing pipeline approval is being “GAMED” by people who want to disrupt pipeline development and is urging Justin Trudeau to spearhead a “CONCERTED and COHERENT STRATEGY” to build ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE. […..] Mulroney also criticised the Trudeau Government’s decision to extend the REGULATORY REVIEW PROCESS.

The former Prime Minister also took aim at Liberal POLICY on the challenge of RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the recent CUT IN DEFENCE SPENDING. [….] “This is not the time to curtail DEFENCE and SECURITY SPENDING” “WE CANNOT TALK OUR WAY INTO MORE RELEVANCE IN THE WORLD.”

Ottawa Sun:  April 21st, 2016 – Mark Bonokoski – These are the “GOOD OLD DAYS” for TRUDEAU LIBERALS.

Trudeau’s remarks [ about quantum mechanics vis-a vis computing]  were not off the cuff but contrived. But rest assured the media who follow him around will not be tricked again into soft pitching him a PLANTED QUESTION.

His government released a budget that wasn’t a true budget, reversed a couple of Harperite decisions (like the Long Form Census and retirement age), passed three housekeeping bills of little consequence and lied through its teeth about the SAUDI ARMS DEAL.

Ottawa Sun, April 30th 2016 Sun Comment- P.M. Selfie’s vanishing act.

Justin Trudeau banning all journalists except NEW YORK based VICE MEDIA from his historic visit to remote Shoal lake 40 First Nations reserve would sound self- serving, when you ban the Canadian wire service and Aboriginal Peoples Television network […] It is no secret what Trudeau and his handlers are trying to do which is to control how the public perceive Trudeau by controlling how the media cover him, whenever they can. [….] the problem is with Trudeau who loves having the media in tow when they publicize his lectures on Quantum  Computing. […..} Trudeau would be happy if his entire  Prime Minister-ship was defined by such headlines as “Watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s  charming Quantum Computing Lesson” (Washington Post) [….] “Man of your dreams Justin Trudeau casually drops Quantum Computing lecture in Press Conference. (Vanity Fair)



Kevin Murray-Mourne is a former Trade Commissioner for Space, Aerospace, Defence and Security with the Department of External Affairs and International Trade Canada. He is a Veteran of Her Majesty’s Armed forces. He attended the Canadian Centre for Management Development, the Canadian Foreign Affairs Institute and is a Graduate of the American Management Associations Management Program.

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