The Little Voice Movement

The Little Voice Movement

Nearly two years ago, UpFront Ottawa wrote a book review for the children’s book Little Voice, a local read by two up-and-coming local talents, author Amanda Bernardo and illustrator Samantha Clusiau-Lawlor. Little Voice is a story that promotes an inspirational message that encourages young readers to listen to that “little voice” inside; the voice that reminds us all to be proud of who we are and inspired to chase our dreams!

Gorgeously illustrated with colourful and expressive images, the book’s characters share centre stage with their ambitions, and with the little inner voices pushing them to reach for the stars. The characters struggle with doubts and fears just like the rest of us, feeling different, alone, uncertain, and scared. Yet in listening to their little voices that remind them of their intelligence, creativity, drive, and inner strength, the characters find the motivation to aspire high and fulfill their dreams.

Little Voice’s inspirational message immediately connected with a receptive audience of kids, teachers, and parents eager to see the next generation overcome their fears and aim for the stars in an academic, athletic, social, and emotional sense. What started as a small independent project has steadily grown. Little Voice is now carried at the Ottawa Public Library, available at select Chapters stores in Ottawa (including en français) and Parentbooks in Toronto; and of course, online! Through  Little Voice’s infectious social presence, the Ottawa duo has also gained recognition from all over, including the Governor General of Canada, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Scholastic (voted one of the top ten inspirational books of 2015), and by eTALK and Starbucks Canada for their fundraising efforts.

Little Voice’s message of positivity and perseverance has evolved beyond the book and has transformed into a movement, officially set to launch TODAY!

Amanda Bernardo and Samatha Clusiau-Lawlor at Chapters Book Launch

Amanda Bernardo and Samatha Clusiau-Lawlor at Chapters Book Launch

The Little Voice Ambassador Program

The launch of the Little Voice Ambassador Program is an exciting opportunity for kids, parents, teachers, adults, and communities at large to embrace a meaningful message and empower the next generation with a sense of purpose and confidence that is already within them.

It all starts with registering as a Little Voice Ambassador – there is no age limit and no time limit; simply a commitment to inspire others! As a Little Voice Ambassador, you can choose to support one of three worthy causes:

  • Your Future – Education unlocks a world of possibilities. With this option, Little Voice will help grow your child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to fund post-secondary studies.
  • Your School – Students and teachers can fundraise on behalf of their school. Little Voice will donate proceeds directly to your school.
  • Your Community – Finally, you can support a cause of your choosing, whether it is a charity, fundraiser, group, family, or individual in need. Little Voice will donate directly to your community cause.

Through the Little Voice Movement, Little Voice will donate $5 from every Ambassador’s book sale in support of the movement of your choice. Every time you sell a book, you are not just connecting a new reader with an inspiration story of ambition and ability – you are also securing a donation for your future, school, or community. The program is open to all legal residents of Canada and registration is free. Registrants are welcome as individuals or as members of a group supporting a shared movement.

“When I first set out to create Little Voice, I knew I wanted to create more than just a book, I wanted to create a movement that would not only enable me to support my community but also inspire the next generation to do the same! In just under two years, Little Voice’s own personal movement has been able to donate close to $7,000 dollars in support of the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Now, we want to take what we have learned and enable others to create their own movement and make a difference in their own communities!” – Amanda Bernardo, author

The Little Voice Movement is a welcome opportunity to make a difference in your community, to show your school pride, or to secure your child’s future by supporting their future studies.

For more details about the Little Voice Movement, click here! You can also join Little Voice’s special Q&A live on Facebook and Twitter starting at 7:00pm – details available online!

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