JNCO Launches Kids Line Kickstarter

JNCO Launches Kids Line Kickstarter

Raising Funds to Make Mini-Me Versions of Classic JNCO Apparel

JNCO announced today that it is launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the development and production of a children’s clothing line. The brand has set a target goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter to bring JNCO’s iconic line of jeans, tees, and hoodies to a whole new generation. The boys and girls line will fit kids from age 5-13 and the campaign will run for 36 days starting April 3rd. Upon completion of a successful campaign, JNCO will begin production and the clothing will be ready for shipping by summer 2017.

JNCO was wildly popular in the late 90s, and many of the rebellious teenagers who wore JNCO back in the day are now parents with kids. JNCO Chairman Isaac Cohen explains the motivation behind the campaign: “JNCO is a down to earth brand. We feel that a crowdfunding campaign will allow us to have a closer reach with the supporters of JNCO. We chose to crowdfund this project so supporters can pre-order kids gear, get great deals on JNCO apparel, and get access to once-in-a-lifetime bonus JNCO goodies.” Most of the crowdfunding funds will be used to pay for the manufacture of our kids apparel line, the rest of it for shipping, packing, and brand new artwork.

JNCO is a down to earth brand. We feel that a crowdfunding campaign will allow us to have a closer reach with the supporters of JNCO.


Designer Joe Peters offers his perspective, adding, “Our style is all about cool designs that stand out from the crowd. Even if you don’t wear JNCO as an adult, we have so many fans approach us and say they’d love to dress their kids in JNCOs.”

That’s why JNCO is getting ready to offer their most iconic items to a whole new generation with a full kids line including their most famous jeans, tees, and hoodies. There will be plenty of exclusive limited JNCO goodies for the campaign backers to snag (while they last; early bird items are going to be hot commodities!) and the obvious amazing outfits for your favorite little people.

About JNCO: Founded in 1985, JNCO evolved into a global force as a leading American jeans brand in the 1990s. Revived in early 2015, JNCO connects today’s youth with bold, forward-thinking fashion inspired by SoCal culture.


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