Healthy Living In Ottawa

Healthy Living In Ottawa

Perhaps the pressures of work and daily life and the crowds in a city like Ottawa can very often get on top of you, but that doesn’t actually always have to be the case. In fact, Ottawa is full of a whole host of places and opportunities to ensure you live a healthy and happy life. So, whether you haven’t quite gotten round to sticking to your half-year New Year’s Resolutions just yet, or if you just need a few extra things to keep you motivated, here are a few ways in which Ottawa will allow you to do exactly that.

Go for a Jog in the Park

Ottawa is the ideal city when it comes to parks and pathways. If your goal for the rest of 2016 is to get fit and healthy, perhaps the perfect way to achieve that would be going for a daily or bi-weekly jog at one of Ottawa’s stunning parks or along a scenic pathway. Start your week by jogging along the Rideau Canal, or wind down from the busy day at work by taking a stroll by the Ottawa River or through Gatineau Park. The options are endless!

Take Up Yoga

If the stresses of the year have so far been way more than you could handle, it might be an awesome idea to take up yoga. Yoga is one of the best ways to alleviate stress and really soothe the mind, contributing to mental wellness. Luckily, Ottawa is full of amazing yoga studios and classes all around the city. Plus, nothing beats Yoga on the Hill which runs at lunchtime on Parliament Hill all summer long.

Eat Healthier

Everyone knows that this is one of the most difficult changes follow, thanks to the abundance of fast food restaurants in most towns and cities. However, when it comes to eating healthy, Ottawa is ideal. Very often, we eat healthy at home, and let it all go when date night rolls around and we eat at a restaurant with our other half. Well, in Ottawa, that doesn’t have to be the case. With retailers like Whole Foods, Kardish, and the Rainbow, and restaurants like the Table and Pure Kitchen, there’s no excuse not to eat healthy.

What do you to live healthier in Ottawa? What is your favourite vegetarian restaurant? What scenic park do you absolutely love to jog through? What changes have you made this year to live a healthier life? We’d love to hear from you!


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