Featured Event: Gluten Free Expo

Featured Event: Gluten Free Expo

Gluten intolerance is a growing concern for people in Canada, with 1 in 6 Canadians affected by it. The issue reaches far beyond celiac disease, and affects people afflicted with a range of 55 different diseases. Whether you suffer from gluten intolerance, desire to switch to a better diet, or simply wish to become educated on the issue while sampling delicious products, Canada’s largest gluten free event is the fit for you. The Gluten Free Expo is coming to the Ernst & Young Centre in Ottawa on October 19th, 2014.

The Gluten Free Expo is an opportunity to learn from nutritional and scientific experts, who will offer talks on the science behind gluten intolerance and the path to healthy and energetic lifestyles without gluten. In addition to the presence of speakers and experts, exhibitors will feature, demonstrate, and offer for sale more than 100 products to help those living with a gluten intolerance.

The Gluten Free Expo was launched nearly three years ago, with the noble goal of collecting gluten free food donations to food banks. The organizers recognized the real and unfortunate issue of gluten intolerance individuals and families in need of assistance from having to choose between starvation and feeling ill due to consuming gluten. The humble target was to break the 10,000 lb barrier in food raised; in three years, the organization is just 2,200 lbs from reaching its target. Thanks to support from sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and event organizers, the standard entrance fee has been waived. In exchange, event goers are asked to make a cash donation or donate a non-perishable food item to the Food Bank. Ideally, the Gluten Free Expo and its supporters can not only reach the 10,000 lb target next weekend in Ottawa, but obliterate it.

Some of the topics to be presented by experts in the fields of health, nutrition, and science who will speak at the Gluten Free Expo include:

1.       The Science and Facts Behind Gluten, with Dr. Nahas M.D
2.       Time saving tips for improved health, energy, and metabolism support, with expert Korey Kealey.  Korey’s passion, and diploma in Food and Nutrition from the University of Guelph has led her to contribute to restaurants, recipe development, manufacturing and distribution, as well as publishing a cookbook for busy families living with a gluten intolerance.
3.       Latest Research & Breakthroughs in Gluten Sensitivities, with Mark Johnson, of the Canadian Celiac Association.
4.       Living Gluten- Free in a Home with Multiple Food Allergies, with Shirley Plant, Nutrition Coach, Published Author, and recipe developer.

The Gluten Free Expo promises to be an event which couples gluten intolerance-friendly products with an opportunity to learn from leading experts. Come out to the Ernst & Young Centre on October 19th, support a great cause, and discover new ways to be your best, healthiest self.

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