Five Spring Cleaning Steps You Probably Missed

Typically, those who don’t disregard spring cleaning only focus on the big jobs, such as vacuuming, Ottawa replacement windows, and dusting. There are many little jobs that are important to clean and maintain your house that are often overlooked or forgotten. Here are several important spring cleaning tips to keep your house looking perfect and ready for guests.

Remove Carpet Dents

While doing spring cleaning, you may want to move your furniture around to feel that change you’ve been looking for. This seems like a great idea until you see the dents left behind from the furniture you moved. Not to worry though – these can be easily removed so your carpet looks good as new.

One way to remove dents from your carpet is to fill a spray bottle with water and use a hair dryer (on high) to dry the carpet. The heat from the hair dryer helps the wool or nylon carpet rebound to its normal shape. All that is left to do is add the finishing touches and use your fingers to fluff up the fibers.

Another way to remove the dents from your carpet would be to put an ice cube in the dents, and let them melt slowly. After 12 hours, blot up any remaining wet spots using paper towel. Finally, use a spoon to lift up the carpet fibers to their original position.

The other alternative would be to put a damp cloth over the dents and then place an iron above and use the steam option. To complete the transformation, you just need to fluff up the carpet with a spoon or coin.

Eliminate Chopping Board Stains

Chopping boards often look discoloured and grimy, but the good news is there are several ways you can clean and prolong the life of your chopping board. If you have a wooden chopping board, you can disinfect it after every use with white vinegar. If your wooden chopping board needs to be deodorized as well as disinfected, sprinkling it with baking soda before you use the vinegar. If you chop onions, garlic, or other smelly foods, you may wish to deodorize the board after use. If you don’t have vinegar, you can cut a lemon in half, and rub it over the chopping board. If you don’t have a lemon, you can also use lemon juice. This works really well if you have a plastic chopping board.

Wash your Whole Bed

While your sheets may be washed frequently, chances are your pillows, or comforter don’t get washed that often. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to really clean all of your bedding.

Declutter your House

Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to really clean and declutter your house. Get rid of any unnecessary things from your house. If you have makeup, magazines, or clothes that you rarely use, stop them from collecting dust and throw them out, or donate them if possible.

Make the Patio Ready for Use

While it may not be warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, it is the perfect opportunity to clean, and prepare the patio. Use dish detergent and warm water to clean the table and chairs. If they need extra cleaning, use disinfecting wipes such as Lysol wipes. If you have a deck, use a power washer to clean the dirt and grime from the deck and make it look like new.

These small cleaning jobs take very little time, but keep your house looking as perfect as possible. Typical spring cleaning jobs should also be done to achieve this perfect look. Details matter, and having simple things like clean chopping boards, or a clutter free house really send a positive message to anyone who may step foot in your house.



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