Featured Network: eSAX

Featured Network: eSAX

“Remember, if you don’t network, you’re not going to have any work, so get out there!”

So says Jarrod Goldsmith, founder of eSAX. Networking is key to building connections in the business world, and this is especially important for young entrepreneurs and start-up hopefuls. With this advice in mind, Goldsmith founded eSAX, short for the Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience. eSAX hosts quarterly networking events designed to connect entrepreneurs, spread knowledge thanks to relevant and informed speakers, and promote collaboration.

Every three months, eSAX hosts an event timed to coincide with the Ontario Self-Employment Benefits program. The program, co-ordinated by the Y Enterprise Centre in Ottawa, is a provincial endeavour designed to encourage and support entrepreneurs in Ontario.

eSAX is driven to instill you and aspiring entrepreneurs with three fundamental principles. The first is obvious – networking. Business owners can connect with some of the most influential and experienced individuals in the Ottawa business community. Knowledge is the next important component. Attendees learn from speakers who share their experiences and expertise. Aspiring entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn from successes and struggles of those who have walked the same path, and seek guidance from like-minded individuals. Finally, eSAX events seek to promote collaboration and foster inter-Chamber cooperation.

eSAX encourages entrepreneurs to foster valuable skills which will help them in business and in life. For young and aspiring entrepreneurs, values of motivation, productivity, and marketing can be the difference between success and failure.

As a recognition of their great work and positive results, eSAX was a finalist for the RGA’s Project/Initiative of the Year in 2014. eSAX is a positive addition to the Ottawa business community, as it seeks to supplement other business networking opportunities, not supplant them.

The next eSAX event is scheduled from April 8, 2015 at Fun Haven. Dylan Black of Boom 99.7 FM will MC the events, while some of Ottawa’s biggest luminaries will be present. Featured guests include Mayor Jim Watson, Business Psychology Specialist Nancy Morris, Leadership Mentor Dr. Wendy Knight Agard, and the Orleans Chamber of Commerce. Sax Appeal, the talented and entertaining musical quartet which features eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith as a member, will be featured performers.



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