2014 in Ottawa: Highs and Lows

2014 in Ottawa: Highs and Lows

With January 1st just two days away, it is almost time to close the book on 2014. It was an eventful year in Ottawa, and we’d love to hear your feedback about the past 365 days. Below we focus on some of the more general events that touched us all, but we’d love to hear from UpFront readers about more personal memories, accomplishments, and milestones. Did you celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary? Add to the local population with a newborn? Did your son graduate from high school? Did you earn a long-desired promotion at work? Whatever the event, we’d love to hear what made 2014 a success! And of course, we want to hear from readers what they hope to accomplish in 2015.

2014 Municipal Elections

There was a municipal election this fall in Ottawa, with the status quo being mostly conserved. Nearly all incumbent and running councillors were returned to office. Mayor Jim Watson was re-elected, earning more than 76% of votes. However, we count it as a low that only 4 in 10 eligible voters turned out for the 2014 municipal elections.

Daniel Alfredsson Comes Home

The return of Daniel Alfredsson on December 4 was a definite high for Ottawa residents and Sens fans everywhere. The entire day, from the signing of a one-day contract, to his participation in the warmup (current captain Erik Karlsson skated without his “C” in honour of his friend and mentor), the standing ovations, and his speech at centre ice (flanked by his family, including his children in Karlsson jerseys) was conducted perfectly. Though he was announcing his retirement and the end of his playing career, it was not goodbye…”Merci” and “A Bientot.”

REDBLACKS Inaugural Season

Despite the woeful 2-16 record, the REDBLACKS inaugural season counts as a high in 2014. The team brought incredible enthusiasm to the city throughout the summer, which arguably peaked during the franchise’s first ever win on July 18. The rebuilt TD Place Stadium at Landsdowne Park is the perfect venue for Canadian football and the North/South rivalry resumed. Despite on-field difficulties, the team played with class and united a city following the October 22 shooting. The return of the CFL to Ottawa should only get better in 2015!

October 22 Shooting

We will not assign highs and lows to such a tragic and senseless event. The day was traumatic and has left an indelible mark on our nation’s capital city. But through the tragedy, all Ottawa residents can be proud of the bravery shown by Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers, the coordination shown by first responders and Ottawa Emergency Services, and the unity displayed by the entire population of Ottawa in the wake of the incident.

We wish everyone a happy and successful 2015 in Ottawa!

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