Ottawa Business Profile: Shaw Legal Service

Ottawa Business Profile: Shaw Legal Service

We strive to present Ottawa’s most hardworking and respected businesses, and joining our collection of profiles is Shaw Legal Service. A highly experienced paralegal firm located near Ottawa’s small claims court, they provide extensive and thoroughly researched civil litigation services to the National Capital Region. Well versed in the intricacies and hurdles of legal proceedings, Shaw Legal Service is a fully certified pursuant to the laws of the Province of Ontario and the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), making them a highly effective and knowledgeable paralegal service.

As a leading paralegal in Ottawa, Shaw Legal Service specializes in representing clients in small claims court and similar civil litigation proceedings. They are capable of working closely with clients through:

  • lawsuit commencements
  • legal notice examinations
  • debt recovery
  • small claims court guidance and services
  • summary conviction
  • personal injury and punitive damage case consultation
  • landlord legal advice

By working with Shaw Legal Service, clients enable access to an experienced paralegal with a history of consistently representing citizens with measurable results through their available paralegal services. Their success record and countless supportive testimonials demonstrate their collective penchant for honesty and integrity when it comes to each specific case. Much of their business is derived from repeat clients and direct referrals due to their professionalism, dedication, and end results.

Prospective clients are encouraged to contact Shaw Legal Service at 613-612-2911 for a no-charge and no-obligation consultation. You may also reach out to Keith Shaw via email or contact form. If a matter is time sensitive, Keith is capable of quickly progressing the process further to ensure swift legal action without suffering in terms of accuracy or precision.

“Action or inaction; both have consequences. The choice is yours,” stated on Shaw Legal Service’s website, rings true in today’s legal world. By reaching out to a knowledgeable and professional Ottawa paralegal service, a needlessly lengthy and frustrating case can be reduced to little more than a bump on the road — one that can be smoothed out through concise and effective legal representation and guidance.

Contact Shaw Legal Service today for a no-charge and no-obligation consultation that provides the clarity needed to create a successful claim.


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